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Communications Consultants

The Buris Chalmers team specializes in development, design, and communications services for nonprofit and governmental entities. We work as consultants on special projects and initiatives and provide ongoing communications services to select clients.

With 50 years of combined experience and a broad range of complementary skills, Buris Chalmers is prepared to help!


With broad experience in publishing and journalism, our team can provide support for writing for traditional media, community relations, internal communications, crisis communications, for public affairs, online and social media communications. We also have good experience in crafting memorable feature stories in collaboration with nonprofit organizations and the media.

Public relations – We help organizations find their stories and provide support in distributing the story to the most receptive audiences. We work to maximize positive coverage without advertising. 

Media relations – We help to distribute press releases and media stories to editors across North Carolina. We work to build symbiotic relationships with media outlets, journalists, bloggers and influencers to garner publicity. 

As social media managers we help maintain and grow a social presence for our clients. Elements include content creation, campaign strategies and analytics reporting.

Content development is the process of planning, creating, and editing content for publication. Content includes written copy, images, and other pieces of media, depending on the needs of the organization.

We create websites, managing the narrative and design elements and information flow and partnering with specialists to manage the technical aspects of site management.

Our team has years of experience in specialty publishing through traditional media and new media. We’ve bridged the gap between these two eras with many successes along the way, and can help you organization tell its unique story.

We offer professional photography and post production photo editing, providing quality general, social media, website and print imagery. We also source specialty photography when called for.

Drawing interest to our clients’ organization and services is what we do!

Capturing the stories of our clients’ work over spans of months and years has become a focus for us. These publications illustrate progress, assist in fundraising and carry weight in board rooms and in the community.


A fundamental opportunity for staff and stakeholder communications where participants build a thoughtful plan and design an organizational roadmap that answers questions, meets challenges, identifies specific steps and helps an organization meet its goals. 

We offer trainings for facilitators, help to build agendas and also offer community process design as needed. 

Trained by staff members of IDEO (a global design and innovation company), we are capable of facilitating “creative engineering” processes for groups.

Buris Chalmers can support organizations as they develop operational plans for events, community processes and annual timelines. 

Our team has provided successful grant writing services on behalf of several nonprofit organizations that were submitted to local, state and federal grant sources. With a clear understanding of grantsmanship, we have provided support for organizations seeking funding for organizational capacity, early childhood development, general operating expenses, affordable housing, rural economic development projects, workforce training, access to markets and cooperative marketing, equipment for specialty agriculture, food and beverage entities, and arts and culture development.

We build impactful direct mail and social media campaigns that generate donor investments. We support organizations in choosing online CRM software and aligning email and print mail communications. 

Out team works with Executive Directors and fundraising staff to strategize and write compelling fundraising letters and professionally designed mailers. We also write and coordinate impactful stories in the media and plan social media that extends your request to audiences beyond your mailing list and that maximizes online giving. 

Graphic Design

Projecting ideas and messages visually with specific objectives in mind is at the heart of graphic design, and our staff has been part of the industry for decades. There are graphic elements to nearly every part of our work!

Advertising design and placement, from print and digital media to billboards, signage and more, is a large part of what we do!

Our team works with programs and organizations to determine wireframes, clarify navigation, write website content, determine automation tools for communications and fundraising and develop the graphics for websites.

Developing narratives, designs and strategies and expressing them through social media is an ever-evolving challenge. We find that authenticity and straightforwardness in telling our clients’ stories is the best strategy.

Buris Chalmers is experienced in creating a distinct identity for an organization’s target audiences and program consumers. We build the graphics – logo, visual guidelines, tag lines, personality and tone of your brand. We have also worked to develop brand values and impact statements that reflect an organization’s mission. 

From billboards and custom signage to vehicle and environmental graphics, we work with our clients to develop impactful artwork and manage relationships with signmakers and billboard companies.

Small details go a long way for our clients, many of whom work hard to make ends meet. Brochures, handcards and the many items necessary for outreach and display require careful management to maintain brand consistency. We design these items and manage relationships with vendors that make them.

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